Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Real Maiden Voyage

On February 19th, Caribbean Grace set out on the real maiden voyage. It was a short trip...they returned the 21st, but it proved to be everything Dan had hoped it would be. The men who went along have been very instrumental in this project getting off the ground: Ed Jaentschke, our pastor; Bob Trolese, the director of Verbo Nicaragua; Robert Cash, Dan's right-hand-man; Orlando Sandoval, a young man who has just completed his nursing degree and is very interested in helping people in the communities; Aleside, the mechanic; Don Maddox, the engineer; and Artie Hall, the theologian and of course, Dan. Quite a variety of vocations, backgrounds, and giftings...put together by God. 

It was a great group and there was much discussion, encouragement, and vision-building. For some, it was a break in their hectic schedules, a chance to relax and enjoy God's amazing creation. For others, it was a chance to see the fruit of their labor in action.

There was no medical work done this time, the goal was to see how the boat handled and to make some initial contacts. 

Dan took a ton of pictures and we've tried to narrow them down a little without taking away from the story...but they do say a picture is worth a 1000 words...

 Heading up-river...Don, Bob, and Orlando...enjoying the best seats for the view!

 First stop was at Haulover to visit sweet Margarita whom we met in Managua. They had a great time of prayer with her.

 Orlando finishing up the dishes...

 At the dock at Pearl Lagoon

 A local wooden house.

 A young dentist they met in Pearl who is interested in working on the local medical team.

 Robert, Aliside and Orlando

 Pastor Ed went fishing and caught a blowfish...maybe he better stick with fishing for men!

 Some passing fishermen...

 And some who came aboard.

 Bob doing some cooking...

 A local fisherman trying to sell a stingray

 Dan cooking on the outdoor grill.

 Breaking bread together...

  Dishes all ship-shape

 A Panga speedboat flying by.

The end of a great trip...


  1. Thank you for sharing Dan and Donna. Look forward to all the ways Caribbean Grace will serve the communities.
    Carol Matheson

  2. Great encapsulation... What Carol said! And *SO NICE* the Father guided to contact with the dentist from Pearl Lagoon! Praise God!