Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Precious Prayer

One of the things that is an important aspect of every team's visit is a time of prayer at Ruby's. Ruby is with the Lord now, but she was 'a prophetess and an evangelist from the Lord" and a great friend of the Buzbees. Her "upper room" still has a very special anointing to it. 

I think it is especially important because most of these teams are made up of high school and college young people...on the threshold of their lives and most of them are very eager to be prayed for. 
Pricilla, our Nicaraguan friend, praying for a young man on the team

young men eager for a touch from the Lord
The other thing I want to show you is the contrast between dry and rainy season. Several weeks ago we posted a pic of the dead fields...here is the same field one week after the rains began...\
before the rain...
and after...
This week we have prayer times every day...today's lasted 4 hours...we would appreciate your prayers for us as we pray for the others...that we would be clear vessels for the Holy Spirit to speak through.
Love you guys...