Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A side ministry that has become my heart!

Pancake Saturday...we love to do this when we can...these kids can put them away! We made six batches and they ate every one!

What began as a few hours here and there spent at the children's home Verbo church started almost two years ago, has now totally captured my heart. Of course developing the mobile clinic is still our main purpose here, but it is mostly Dan's focus.

I now go out four days a week to teach the kids English and Wednesday has become Art day. You wouldn't think that one hour with only six kids (half of the 11 each time) would take much toil on your energy. Think again! But what a blessed sacrifice that little bit of energy is.

A short time ago, the house parents, Kevin and Julisa, had to go to a training that took them away for a week. We said that we could oversee the house during the daytime while they were gone. As soon as they left almost half the kids came down with a virus. So an occasional checking in turned into most of every day out there. But again, what a blessing those kids were. They just wanted to be near us...cuddle up on the couch or play cards...anything to be near. We got them all well, and even added another little girl before Kevin and Julisa got back.

This desire of ours to be nearer to the kids and have more input into their lives has led us to a decision to build a small house on the property. Right now we live a fair distance away...far enough that we don't make quick drop-in calls. If we lived there, we could be involved a lot more and in a more natural way. But having our own space will help to keep us sane. :)

 A friend of mine sent "Jesus Storybook Bibles" for the children...Tania is reading to Leiyanni...

...and Assadi is reading to Ingrid.

Dan and Tygy are deep in discussion about something ... 
Probably boats!

Here are a few things to pray about:

- Kevin and Julisa. They are a very young couple with a huge responsibility. Please pray for protection over their relationship and the wisdom and grace to put into these lives.

- The children: Anthony (12), Cesar (11), Luis (10), Dared (10), Richard (11), Tygy (8), Tania (11), Ashley (10), Leiyanni (10), Assadi (7), Ingrid (6)...Pray that they will be open to all the Lord has for them at this home.

- Our new house. It will be a tiny one, built much like the local houses. Please pray for the building and the relocating...that it will all go smoothly.

Thanks so much for your interest in our lives and your support in so many ways. We are so very grateful!

Blessings, Donna and Dan Letton