Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Running From Otto

We never dreamed that our first real trip up river would be because we were running from a hurricane. For days we watched the weather reports showing Bluefields right in the cone of the hurricane track prediction.

Our Thanksgiving tradition in Nicaragua has been to spend the holiday in Managua with the Buzbees. Donna went over on Sunday leaving Dan to oversee work being done on the boat. By Monday morning there was talk of closing the airport and he had to jump on a plane in a hurry if he was going to get his turkey in Managua. He also had a very important steering cable that needed to be extended. He took it in Tuesday morning and left it with the experts. By Tuesday night, he felt strongly to go back to Bluefields and take Caribbean Grace to safety. But it was useless unless he could take the cable which wasn't ready Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning he headed out from the Buzbees...the cable was miraculously ready, there was a seat on the plane and he was off.

By Wednesday afternoon Dan and his crew were headed up river. Here are some pictures of the trip...

 Heading for the light beyond the clouds.

 Pesca Nica...where many old fishing boats end up.

 It wasn't very rough...mostly lots of rain...


 Arriving at Kukra Hill with many boats already there.

 Caribbean Grace finding her place at the dock.

 From the largest to the smallest...all looking for a safe haven.

 Lunch onboard.

 Sunrise Friday morning...time to head home. 
Greatfully, Hurricane Otto had veered south and spared Nicaragua.

Dan getting some coaching from the expert, Aliside, the best mechanic in Bluefields.

 Everyone was heading home...

 The blue sky was such a welcome sight.

 Some boats lined up like baby ducks, getting a tow.

Safely home with the crew...Aliside, Alejandro, Roberto and Dan

The Coast Guard gave us permission to make this trip, even though we are still not licensed or registered, because it was an emergency. We are now working on getting this done. Please pray that this will be done with as little hassle and cost as possible. 

We are grateful for so many things...this will certainly be a Thanksgiving to remember. 

Happy Holidays, Dan and Donna Letton