Thursday, September 29, 2016

Launch, Dedication and First Run

What a couple of weeks we have had!! And what should be such a simple story has so many twists and turns...hope we can make it clear for you all. 
The timeline for the "end of the beginning" is:
August 24th, the Launch, September 21st, the Dedication, and September 27th, the First Run.

Inbetween these dates are so many ups and can't imagine.

But let's get into the pictures...that's the best part!

August 24th...the Launch

Launching a boat with a Caterpillar was new to us...

What a happy moment...and what a beautiful boat!!
The men in the water then walked/swam her over to her new berth at a dock almost nextdoor.

Next comes the Dedication on September 21st. It was a beautiful morning until about a half hour before we were to begin...then it started raining...and raining...and raining. In fact, the more we prayed and thanked God, the more it rained. Was He raining down his blessings? We like to think so...

Friends came from as far away as Arkansas and Florida as well as Managua. All of the boat builders were there, and many friends from Bluefields.

The rain stopped completely when it was time to cut the ribbon and have people come onboard and tour the boat.

Pastor Ed and Dan cutting the ribbon...

 It was a great day!

And last but not least, the First Run on September 27th. Santiago, the boat builder and the mechanic said they wanted to take Caribbean Grace out for a run to see how the engines were working. We don't have the registration or license yet, but they said it would be fine. Everyone was excited!

Captain Dan at the helm...

on the river...

 The "Tres Amigos"... Dan, Roberto and Santiago

So this is where we are now... a few more things to be completed inside the cabin and a few more changes to be made outside and we're off!

We do have a few prayer requests:

A number of items are being held in Customs in Managua (since the middle of July)...the radio, a generator, depthfinder...and more. 
Please pray that they will be released soon and that we won't have to pay huge fines/taxes.

We need our registration and license. The Navy needs to inspect, and the fees/taxes could be very high...we don't know yet. 
Please pray for a favorable inspection and low or no fees and taxes. (We were told at one time that there would be none...?)

We have hired a wonderful and Godly man to be Dan's assistant as well as captain the boat, Roberto Cash. 
Please pray for the money to pay his monthly salary.

Please pray for monthly operational expenses...which help support the local economy.

Thank you so so much for your interest, your prayers, and your is a blessing to have such a great team behind us. 

"Fair winds and following seas"...
Dan and Donna Letton

Please pass this on...