Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Local Team Takes Shape...

There were a lot of firsts... 

A 6-day trip...our longest.
A team of nine...the biggest crew yet.
Four women...first time to have women along.
Two from the States...the first time with foreigners.

Our dentists were both Nicaraguan as well as our nurse. The two girls from the States were EMTs. We went to three communities, Haulover, Orinoco, and Pueblo Nuevo and saw a total of 216 patients...the team worked hard and blessed a lot of people.

At one point during the trip, Dan looked around and saw everyone happily working...doing their specific jobs and he thought, "This is just how I envisioned it." Dr. Sevilla and Dr. Leon have been such a blessing and seeing them eager to serve their own people has further encouraged us in developing a local team. We now have a pool of twelve people from which to draw...for piloting the boat, cooking meals, triaging and treating patients, and doing a host of other duties. 

To have local team members, funds are needed. These doctors and medical workers, as well as the crew, have to take time from their normal jobs and we feel that it is only right to compensate them. 

Here are some specific ways that you can support this ministry:
  • $15. pays for dental care for one patient.
  • $50. pays a doctor's salary for one day.
  • $400. pays for one day...medical staff, food, fuel, medical supplies and crew. (Most trips are 4 to 5 days.)
Donations can be sent to Global Outreach, account number 4448

Here are a few pictures from this latest trip...

Our female crew: Ashanti Cash, R.N., Dr. Vania Sevilla, dentist, Beth and Martha, EMTs

Our two dentists: Dr. Jesse Leon and Dr. Vania Sevilla

It's almost impossible to keep the kids off the boat...we are like a magnet for them.

"Captain Adorable"

Ashanti organizing instruments and getting ready for the day's clinic.

Our chef made sure we ate well. Here we are in the main cabin which serves many functions.

The city dock at Orinoco...people were waiting for us when we got there.

Dr. Leon usually likes to work in the cockpit, but it was raining.

Dr. Sevilla ended up working on this man for over an hour.

The EMTs did triage in the cockpit while others patiently waited their turn.

They had a pediatric blood pressure cuff that calmed and entertained the kids.

Beth with a baby and her new toothbrush.

Sunset over Pearl Lagoon.

Entering the Wawashan River

Motoring up the river to the next stop, Pueblo Nuevo.

Arriving at Pueblo Nuevo,.. our first time here.

Dockside clinic...

It was Market Day so there were plenty of people in town to see the dentist.

Dr. Leon back in his favorite work space...

A local beauty...


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog space. Please pray for the ministry here. Caribbean Grace is under the umbrella of our local fellowship, Verbo Christian Church. 

Blessings, Dan and Donna Letton

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